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Mrs. May's Class

General Education

Who is your therapist?- This will help you navigate to the correct place!

If you're with Mrs. May, feel free to call her to confirm that you need to use the zoom link- very few students need to do this step.... 720 972 8724

Mrs. May:   I am available by email and phone 720 972 8724  During remote learning November 16, 2020 onward, I will be providing some zoom links to a few students, but for the majority I will be going to your child's classroom and I will use a breakout room in zoom to provide speech therapy.  This minimizes student movement between zoom rooms and it reduces frustration for students and parents.  Contact me if you have any questions!

Mrs. May's link for speech therapy for some but not all students is

Students who opted for remote learning between October 1st and November 16th 2020 will receive speech therapy from Jennica Emmons via Google Meet.   

Her link is: