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3rd Grade

Welcome to Remote Learning

Hi 3rd Grade Families!

We have been thinking of you, and miss you all so much!  In this uncertain and different time we are currently in, know that we as a team are here to support your student's growth, learning and well being to the best of our abilities.  

While we want our third graders to continue making progress toward third grade standards, know that our purpose with remote learning is to support student needs, and never to overwhelm anyone.  In this, our hope is that we can maintain a partnership with families, and to extend grace, as this is a learning experience for all of us.   

We know some of you are still working, even from home, and need time to yourself.  We want to equip kids with supports (familiar activities, guided lessons and video learning) to independently engage in work time.  Each week students will have assignments to complete and submit.  

Here is some of the information that will help you get started with remote learning

CLICK HERE: 3rd Grade Remote Learning

This is all new to us, and we may need to adjust our expectations and procedures as we move forward. Please be flexible! We have plenty of confidence in you third grade- you got this! Remember, we are all doing this together :)

Learning Boards:

Ms. Barlow's Third Grade Learning Board

Ms. Smith's Third Grade Learning Board

Mrs. Schultes' Third Grade Learning Board

Office Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 8-9am, 2:30-3:30pm

  • Wednesday: 10-12pm 

Specials LinkBelow you will find a link the the Art, Music, and P.E. website. If you have any questions pertaining to specials, please contact specials teachers directly. 

Mr. Heath's ELD Link Use this link if your student is currently recieving ELD services. If you have any questions please contact him directly.

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3rd Grade Classrooms

Ms. Smith's Class

Subject: General Education
Welcome to Ms. Smith's online classroom at Woodglen Elementary. Here you can find important information about our 3rd grade class such as: reference documents for parents and students, what are we currently working on, and any class events we have...

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