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Ms. Carlton: PE

Physical Education


I'm so excited to work with all your students this year and have so many fun and exciting lessons. 

The units we will be working on this year are based of the Colorado State Standards, those standards are:

  1. Movement competency and understanding-sports/activity skills
  2. Personal and physical wellness-fitness and nutrition focus
  3. Social and emontional wellness-self and peer interactions
  4. Risk and perventive management- safety and rules of activities

As for the things we focuses on in Physical Education these are based on age approprieate activities. Lessons will range from sports skills such as learning to dribble and pass a basketball to hand eye coordination with speed stacking. We will also be focusing on our overall fitness and how to stay active and healthy if we aren't involved in sports or activities. During these lessons students will also work on making positive connection with one another and learning how to regulate theirselves during challenging moments, as well as learning how to be a respectful teammate.

I know this is going to be a fantastic school year and I cannot wait to dive in.