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Team Sports

2nd & 3rd GradeTeam Sports: Students will participate in 2  team sports floor hockey and soccer. We  work on skills, rules, and strategies to help build collaboration with teammates.

WHO -2nd & 3rd Grade ONLY!!
WHEN - Every Tuesday 2:35-3:15 - Dec. 5th-Feb 6th
WHERE - Meet in the gym

4th & 5th Grade Team Sports: Students will participate in 2 different team sports (Floor hockey and soccer).  Students will build teams and compete in VS games against others. They will officiate games, play, and strategies for each club meeting. We learn to compete with one another respectfully. ***Attendance is very important, teammates need everyone***

WHO - this is a 4th-5th grade ONLY!!
WHEN - Every Thursday 2:35-3:15 - Dec. 7th-Feb 8th
WHERE - Meet in the gym

Dismissal: Students will be escorted to BASE, if they're getting pickup/walking home we will come through the main doors by the flag pole (front of the building). Please make sure your students know their dismissal plan!