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Gifted & Talented

Advanced Academics/GT Artwork:aa_gt_icon2.png    Gifted & Talented in Adams 12 Five Star Schools


Our School’s GT Coordinator Contact Information:

Name: Kari Delaney

Advanced Academic & Gifted Services (AAGS) - Our Vision and Mission

  Identification & Assessment - Process for GT Recommendation

  Programming - GT Program Framework

  Advanced Learning Plans - ALP Timeline and Criteria

When is GT testing in my school?

Universal Screening: In Adams 12 Five Star Schools, 2nd and 6th graders who are not already identified GT participate in the Universal Screening process for potential gifted and talented identification. For more detailed information regarding Universal Screening in Adams 12 click here

Woodgeln will take the Universal Screener on September 9th. Teachers will be sending more information home with your students as those dates approach.

Parent/Staff/Student GT Recommendation: All students can participate in the GT identification process by submitting a complete body of evidence. For more detailed information regarding the GT recommendation process in Adams 12 click here

If you are interested in having your child be considered for the GT identification process you need to contact your GT Coordinator for school specific information.

If your student is not in 2nd grade, please let your classroom teacher, or Kari Delaney know that you are interested in having your student participate in the identification process as soon as possible so that we can begin sending home the necessary forms and collecting data on your student. If you are interested in nominating your student please fill out this form between September 15th and September 25th. 

Our all grades test date will be on November 11, 2021. 

Gifted & Talented Program Offerings 

Advanced Curriculum & Extended Learning:  “The Vehicle”

Provides the depth and complexity needed to ensure meaningful academic growth

Our school offerings include: As a building we encourage our teachers to use the Depth and Complexity materials that as a building we have used. We also offer PD to our teachers on best practices when working with all students with exceptionalities and how best to support their needs. 

Differentiated Learning Pathways:  “The Roadmap”

Provides an education at the appropriate level of readiness and challenge

Our school offerings include: Our teachers are always ensuring that they are meeting students where they are at, which may include challenge questions, flexible seating, advanced options, as well as acceleration when appropriate. We also use Project Based Learning to increase and encourage our students to think outside the box.

Individualized Opportunities & Enrichment:  “The Customized Options”

Actively engages and motivates through interests and meaningful learning opportunities

Our school offerings include: We are very excited to offer a variety of after school clubs both in the fall and spring. Information about our clubs and sign ups will be provided to students after Assessment Day. We are also excited to start our own Makerspace/Genius Lab which will be called Silly Putty and located in the library. Students will have opportunities to interact with technology as well as other materials throughout the day.

Social-Emotional Learning:  “The Destination” 

Focuses on developing the whole child by balancing empowerment and accountability

Our school offerings include: This year we are restructuring our PBIS structure, and will begin using Conscious Discipline. This is to hopefully be able to meet the needs of our students not just academically, but socially and emotionally. We are excited as a staff to begin training and implementing this program with our students.

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