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Snow Day Makeups

With warm weather and sunny skies taking over Colorado this month, it’s almost hard to   remember we held two district-wide snow days earlier this year. I’m sure our students    and staff are already experiencing “spring fever” as their eagerness to be outside    increases with the temperature.     Over the last few years, we have made multiple adjustments to our school calendar.    These adjustments, combined with two snow days, resulted in a shortfall of required    instructional time for the year.  We are among several districts who are in a position of    needing to make up time due to snow days.     A team of district leaders, school administrators and teachers collaborated to find the    best solution to recover the instructional time. After considering multiple solutions, we    believe the decision least disruptive to our students and families is to repurpose the    following dates:   May 6, 2016   May 13, 2016   These dates will now be full instructional days, where all students will attend    school.   Our school transportation services will operate as usual during these days.