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We Want to Hear From You!

We need to hear from you! Participate in the Five Star Needs conversation.
As you may have read in the newspaper or heard in conversation, Colorado continues to struggle in terms of adequately funding education. This school year alone, we’re receiving almost $1,000 less per student as a result of funding cuts from the state that started in 2010. These operating dollars go toward attracting and keeping the best teachers, offering students a robust curriculum with specialized learning opportunities and providing a safe and secure learning environment.

Additionally, the state does not provide a funding source to maintain our aging schools, build new schools to address overcrowding and expand space for in-demand educational programming such as Career and Technical Education.

We Need Your Help!
We need your help to understand what we should do about limited state funding, aging buildings and overcrowded schools. Parents have a few opportunities over the next several weeks to provide input on their values and priorities when it comes to addressing high-priority needs within the Five Star District.

1.      Online Survey

a.      Quick, five-minute survey about your values and priorities when addressing district needs

b.      Open April 11-22

c.       Available in Spanish

2.      Telephone Town Hall

a.      April 26, 2016 from 7 to 8 p.m.

b.      Join Superintendent Chris Gdowski and others as we answer your questions about state funding, district budgets and Five Star Needs.

c.       If you have a land-line number on file with the district you will receive a call inviting you to participate. Cell phone numbers will not be called unless you sign-up to receive a call.

d.      Participants can also follow along online like a live podcast - you can even type questions!

e.      The call will be available in Spanish

To take the Five Star Needs survey and to sign-up for the telephone town hall with your cell phone number, visit

Thank you for helping us understand how we want to move forward as a community. For detailed information on funding concerns, visit

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