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Drop off/Pick up Reminders

Parking Map

Hello Woodglen Elementary Parents:
In the past there have been incidents when children’s safety has been compromised and even threatened by traffic violations.  Many times, the violators do not realize when they do so.  I would like to bring to you some information that may help in making the area safer for our children.  It may prevent someone from receiving a summons and hefty fines as well.

Remember that Madison St. is a posted SCHOOL ZONE with a 20 MPH maximum speed.  This is for school hours and school days when flashing, Monday through Friday.

    “No Parking Student Drop off only” lanes in front of the school are for drop off/pick up only.  Signs posted at that location prohibit parking and leaving your vehicle for any amount of time.  The use of this developed lane changes from morning to afternoon.  In the morning, it is designated for parents who will drop off their children and quickly move, (Hug and GO).  If you would like to wait for your child to walk up to or into the school, you should not use this lane.  We expect parents to stop, allow their children to exit the vehicle and drive on.

The afternoon use allows parents to stop there and wait for their children providing they remain in their vehicle.  As it pertains to the afternoon use of this lane, parking means stopping your vehicle and no longer sitting in the drivers’ seat.  Stopping means you are still in the vehicle and able to move it if necessary.

Remember to come to a complete stop at all stop signs.  This means all tires of your vehicle have to completely stop rolling.  Parking around stop signs and crosswalks can be very tricky.  Below are the regulations from Thornton’s Model Traffic Code.


            Within 5 feet of a private driveway

            Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant

            Within 20 feet of a crosswalk

            Within 30 feet of a stop sign

I am certain that you are not all aware of the laws regarding pedestrians.  We must keep our children safe, so teach by your actions and use the crosswalks. No pedestrian shall cross a roadway at any place other than marked crosswalks.  Further subsections within this code do not apply because there are crosswalks servicing the school.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:
Officer Joseph Dougherty
Thornton Police Dept.

I have listed fines that are imposed for violations.  Amounts may not be exact and are only estimates.

Failed to stop at stop sign:
First offense: $60.00 Second offense: $88.00 Third offense: $120.00

Pedestrians failed to use crosswalks:
First offense: $30.00 Second offense: $40.00 Third offense: $50.00

Parking in fire lane:
First offense: $60.00 Second offense: $80.00 Third offense: $100.00

Impeding traffic (stopping in roadway to pick up or drop off children):
First offense: $30.00 Second offense:  $40.00 Third offense:  $50.00

Parking in, on, or around:No parking lanes or areas, fire hydrant, crosswalk, stop sign
First offense: $30.00 Second offense:  $40.00 Third offense:  $50.00.